Pub Charity is at the heart of community funding. In 2017/18, we donated an impressive $33,298,133.45 to New Zealand communities. Find out how you can apply.

Donations process

You can now apply for a Pub Charity Limited donation online.

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All applications for donations funding raised in Pub Charity Limited member hotels and taverns must be received by 5:00 pm on the donations cut-off date. If your application isn’t received on time, it will be considered in the following month’s application round.

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Funds available

Before applying, check whether there is a Pub Charity Limited member hotel or tavern in your area – it is our policy to return donations money from our gaming machines back to the community where the funds were raised.

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Policies and criteria

Find out here about our criteria for Pub Charity Limited donations – you can read here about who can apply, what they can apply for and our policy of returning donations funding to the communities where it was raised.

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Historic donations

Find out what happens to the money that is spent in our gaming machines and learn about some of the worthy recipients of our funding. Pub Charity Limited’s policy is to return the donation funds from gaming machines in our member hotels and taverns back to the communities where it was raised – we also support a number of national organisations that do great work in communities all over New Zealand.

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Download our logo

Tell your members and stakeholders about your donation form Pub Charity Limited and how it's made a difference to your organisation. You can also include our logo on your newsletters and other promotions to members and stakeholders.

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